The Piano Club

Based at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts in Halifax, West Yorkshire, The Piano Club exists to provide a forum for pianists to play, perform and develop within a sympathetic and friendly environment, and to discuss aspects of piano playing and repertoire with fellow musicians.

Players bring whatever they want to play at meetings, but each year from September the group takes on a shared project that may last a few weeks or several months. Past projects have included Russian piano music, British piano music, Schumann, American (N & S) piano music, Beethoven Sonatas, Prokofiev: Vision Fugitives, Kinderscenen, Grieg piano music, French piano music and also such technical topics as pedalling and rubato playing.

Duet and 2 piano playing are regular features at Square Chapel meetings: indeed recently 4 members of the group prepared and performed a version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture for 8 hands complete with extra sound effects!